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The Blob offer

In our studio, we understand the importance of the quality and originality of photography. Combining our extensive experience with impeccable craftsmanship and a creative approach to a given assignment. We filter creative ideas through the prism of their usability for the Customer.


What we offer:

- Fashion

- Product

- Food

- Environmental

- Headshots

- Portraits

- Architectural

However, the sole idea is not enough; only by blending courage, experience, knowledge and skills one can achieve successful project completion. Our team, made of experienced creatives, strategists and artists. The fine craftsmen with a calling, we are all immersed in the blobby perception of the world and we all share the common goal to make the world a better and more creative place. This goal can be achieved through good and innovative design.


What we offer:

- Branding & Identity

- Motion graphics

- 3D animation


- (UX/UI) User Experience/UserInterface

- Packaging

- Digital & Print Graphic Design

- Signage

- Annual reports

- Workspace

- Exhibitions


Constantly absorbing modern trend designs, the Blob is aware of how important it is to stand out from the crowd and realizes how crucial innovation is. Innovation is so daring that it scares the hell out of the inventor.


Merging the image, sound, and word into one medium, the boundless form of the Blob shows its creative but also organisational strength in the complete process of film content creation – from concept to scripting to location scouting to storyboarding to shooting to post-production.

The Blob makes its creative mark on various film genres and types – from event coverage to social media content to music videos and documentaries. Depending on your needs – it will help you find the right form that expresses your ideas. We will help you find the best ideas and the Blob will translate them into a stunning film form.


What we offer:

- TV ads

- Brand films

- Product demos

- Social media content

- Corporate videos for internal communications

- Music video

- Documentary film

- Event live streaming


The Blob knows the importance of sound in how we understand and appreciate the world around us. Sound gives us an important depth, diving deep into endless sound space, the Blob captures and selects all that provides emotion and invigorates our senses, all that creates a sonic landscape enriching the stories that we want to tell.  Caring about the quality of audio sensations cares about the full audiovisual experience of the audience.

Our team specialise in Sound Design & Musical Composition for moving images, video and film. By creating a sonic aid to the overall aesthetic, among other aspects of production, the sound design will not only specifically enhance the overall product but will be tailored to one’s own objective.


What we offer:

- Musical Arrangements & Motifs

- Synchronising Audio to Footage

- Original in house Recording and Editing

- Foley & ADR

- Sound Synthesis & Composition


The Blob is an organism that is not limited to monologue – quite the contrary – it observes that ancient one-way form of communication. This is replaced with dialogue and thus provides a more natural way of communicating with Customers. The Blob is a multi-vectored creature that wants to communicate efficiently across divisions, life forms, stakeholders and borders.


Using its flexible form we help our Customers reach the audience, delivering valuable content, involving and provoking intercultural exchange. Making the audience engaged through combining modern technology and art we look far ahead – where we find our common „“Future rebranded”.


A well-thought-through strategy calls for the right type of research and this area of activity is covered vigorously by the Blob. Being exceptionally curious about the world around it and hungry for new experiences, it can adjust its form to any given brand, enter it fully, encompass its goals and rules and find its exact spot on the market.

Our offer includes in-depth trend research, developing the methods to stand out within the trend and creating a comprehensive strategy for promoting a company and/or a product.


What we offer:

- Brand Design, identity and strategy consulting

- Product category analysis

- Product and brand concepts

- Brand communications strategy

- Brand naming


For today’s audience, experiencing the presence of a product/idea online is a very natural situation – and Blob understands it perfectly, being immersed in cyberspace constantly, soaking up with its content, processing and analysing it from all angles.

Our team, derived from resulting knowledge uses direct marketing, sales promotion and public relations. We use modern tools that help automate many tasks, reduce work time and minimize your budget. When creating the marketing strategy for a company we deliver it together with the tools that do not make you dependent on us in the future. Once created, this plan will serve you for many years and you can develop it according to your needs. With Blob’s assistance, we will be happy to make your ideas a reality.


What we offer:

- Project Management

- Integrated campaigns

- Social media campaigns

- Marketing automation

- Copywriting


Public Relations

The Blob spreads his tentacles over PR domain, analysing in-depth and multi-dimensionally the character of the company/ organization, finding an attractive form that resonates with the image of the company that you would like to achieve.

Our Public relations professionals will help to shape your organization’s image. We will build the brand, spread the organisation’s message and minimise the effect of negative publicity.


What we offer:

- Media relations

- Community relations

- Internal communications

- Crisis communications

- Public Affairs


Nowadays, your website is often the first place a potential customer sees your work, a business card designed to advertise or delight potential customers and other visitors. Good web design improves the chance of your site generating a lead or sale. This is why it is a good idea to entrust it to the Blob, who, ever-expanding, will help to create digital experiences at scale and capture cyber-passerby’s attention.

We will build your website – be it a simple portfolio or an advanced internet shop, using state-of-the-art technologies and we will allow the Customer to manage it and update it independently. Depending on the customer’s needs we can select a platform where the website will be set up or we can build it from scratch. We provide the Customer with tools for visit stats analysis and offer the option of coupling them with other marketing tools.


What we offer:

- Responsive HTML mobile-friendly websites

- SEO optimisation

- CMS Development

- Custom PHP Development

- eCommerce Web Development – Magento

Commercial photography

The Blob perceives the world like an ultra-sensitive film roll – taking in countless colours and shapes to synthesize them into what’s most valuable and transforming it into beautiful and useful images. After all, the goal of commercial photography is to represent an idea and give it a form that not only is easily understood by the consumer but also resonates with his/her emotions, invoking non-obvious, intense associations.

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